About JS500 concrete mixer

JS500 concrete mixer is designed for small construction occasions and design. The mixer has the advantages of good mixing quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption and low noise. Widely used in small and medium construction projects, roads, bridges, simple mixing station and other occasions.

1.Mixing system: Mixing drum, stirring shaft, stirring arm, mixing blades and side blades. There are two horizontal mixing shaft mixer, each mixing blades were equipped with a mixing shaft. The side of the mixing arm near the mixing drum is respectively provided with side edges which can scrape the concrete at the end face and change the flow direction of the concrete.

2. Feed system: put the material into the hopper and open the feeding system. Wire rope bucket to climb, climb to a certain height, the hopper into the feed rack. Doumen automatically open, the material into the mixing bucket through the funnel.

3. Water Supply: Water supply system by the motor, pumps, throttle, cleaning devices, pipes and other components. The water needed to mix the concrete is supplied by the pump to the sprinkler through a throttle valve, which regulates the flow of water.

4. unloading system: Discharge door by the cylinder or hydraulic cylinder mechanism. There are three options for hydraulic control, pneumatic control, manual control. The discharge door is mounted on the bottom of the mixer. It discharges concrete through cylinders or cylinders. Exhaust valve installed around the limit switch to control the exhaust valve switch position. By adjusting the position of the seal to ensure the discharge door seal.

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