Advantages of Camelway Highly Automated Concrete Mixing Plant

1.Easy to operate
HZS60 concrete mixing station can be automatically controlled or manually operated. Operators can start work after simple training. Only one operator can use a button to control the entire waist, greatly saving manpower and resources.
For example, the staff inputs the actual water content through the public parameter setting page, and the software automatically converts the water content according to the actual water content.

2. Stop the machine at any time
Due to the large number of equipment, concrete mixing plants are complicated to operate. HZS60 concrete mixing plant because of its high degree of automation, you can switch models. During production, you can pause the machine to handle overload conditions. Therefore, to ensure the quality of production, reduce material waste, improve production efficiency.

3. Easy supervision

Concrete slump conditions can be monitored in real time. When the slump is out of the allowable range, the concrete can be alarmed and controlled in time (the concrete can not be controlled by choice). Component failure information is dynamic to the user.

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