Common classification of concrete mixing plant

Concrete mixing plant according to different classification criteria can be divided into different types, the corresponding type of mixing plant also has some of its own characteristics. Next, concrete mixing plant common types and characteristics to do a detailed introduction.
1. According to the type of process arrangement Concrete mixing plant according to process layout type can be divided into single-stage mixing station and double-stage mixing station.
Single-stage mixing station: Working principle: Materials such as gravel, sand and cement will be lifted to the hopper at the top of the mixing station at one time, and then the ingredients will be weighed until the ingredients are mixed until they are formed into a vertical production process system . Features: It has the characteristics of high production efficiency, low power consumption, high degree of mechanization and automation, compact layout and small floor area. However, its equipment is complicated and its capital investment is large. Often a large permanent mixing station.
Two-stage mixing station: How it works: gravel, sand and cement and other materials in two upgrades, the first time the material is raised to the hopper, weighing the ingredients, the second time the material is raised and discharged into the concrete mixer . Features: It has the advantages of simple equipment, less investment, quick construction and so on. However, its mechanization and automation are lower, covering a large area and consuming more power. It is mainly small and medium-sized mixing station
2. According to the plane mixer layout Concrete mixer station layout by plane mixer can be divided into a nested mixing station and linear mixing station.
Nested mixing station: Several mixers are arranged around a common charging and discharging center, which features several mixers.
Linear Mixing Station: Several mixers are arranged in one or two columns. Each mixer in this type of arrangement needs to be equipped with a weighing device, but it can mix several varieties of concrete at the same time.

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