Concrete mixer repair and maintenance


Pre-operational Examination:

1.Check if the machine’s body is steady
2.Screws between the blades and supporting arm is steady or not
3.Screws on the feeding shelf is steady or not
4.Pump work normal or not

Maintenance after use:

1.Clean all the dust on the mixing tank and wash with water
2.No mess in hopper, set the hopper in right position and keep it locked
3.Power off, lock the electric control box
4.Add appropriate  lubricating oil
5.Discharge all the water left in supply system

 Weekly Check Project:

1.Check the attrition rate of wirerope and replace when its under wrost rate
2.Check all the oil mass of reduce and pump, fill lubricationg oill to the bearings
3.Keep water supply system clean and smooth, wash suction valve once
4.Adjust the rocker switch if it its in loose
5.See Screws between the blades and supporting arm is steady or not, maximum gap between the blades and mixing body should be 5mm
6.Check the contactor in the electric box
7.Make necessary adjustment to repair and replacement after the shaft and seal’s checkment

 Regularly checkment:

1. Inspect the brake of the lifting motor and make suitable adjustment
2. Check the pump and throttle valve and avoid the leakage
3. Adjust the belt tension and check exposed gear
4. Check and replace the baldes and lining plate

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