Concrete mixing plant installation steps

Usually we see the concrete mixing plant are mostly finished installation of finished products, then the concrete mixing plant is how we assembled into what we see? Here we come to understand the concrete mixing plant installation steps.
1. the finished product tape conveyor unfolded from the bend, the rear frame on the basis of the front and rear frame connected, and then the front and rear legs connected with the conveyor, the bracing and hanging ears on the rack Connect well, then lift the front of the conveyor, connect the front and rear legs and braces, and then tighten the anchor bolts on the front and rear legs.
2.lifting the host rack, on its basis, the anchor bolt fastening.
3. the finished product storage hopper hoisted, the legs stand up, will take the stage, ladder and finished material storage hopper connected well.
4.Hoist the pellet dosing system hood hole center, and then the anchor bolt fastening.
5.the cement warehouse on the basis of the various components on the ground, the flapper connection is good, both sides of the raised plate retractable and flapper connection, and then start the original aggregate conveyor, the front and rear racks Connect well so that the motorized drum aligned mixer side one by one assembly, lifting cement silo, and the lower bilge bracket less cross side toward the powder ingredients system, the upper and lower well fixed body, and then anchor the anchor bolts.
6. lifting the screw conveyor, the screw conveyor ball hinges and cement silo discharge port connected to the discharge port alignment powder hopper feed port, and then use wire rope to connect the conveyor lugs and cement warehouse, and then Fix the anchor bolts.
7.lifting the pump on the right position, connect the output pipe.
8.the commercial concrete mixing plant air compressor on the side of the finished product hopper, the air outlet with the air compressor inlet control box connected to the import, the export control box leading to the broken cement pipe trachea connected well.
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