Concrete mixing station need to pay attention to what issues ?

1. Concrete mixing plant equipment is necessary, some users will buy their own set of configuration in the mixing station, so when selecting the equipment, they often choose to ignore the manufacturer’s recommendations. Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer’s standard, the standard It is the best production equipment. So, try to refer to your opinions on the manufacturer’s choice.

2. Price and performance of concrete mixing plant. The quality and price of the concrete mixing plant are proportional. Therefore, in the selection of equipment, be careful not to lower it too low to lower the price standard. You think that the price is standing at the top, but it is actually the opposite. The performance of the concrete mixing plant is not only related to the quality of the concrete, but also to the user’s use. Therefore, vocational training is essential in the early stages of production. The Concrete mixing station identification method, we can refer to the comparison in the selection of equipment, in order to purchase qualified equipment.
How to use concrete mixing station rationally?

First, routine maintenance work
1. Make sure the machine and its surroundings are clean. The
2. Clear the accumulation of material in the hopper in time so that the sensor will return to zero. The
3. Check whether the smooth oil of each smooth point is satisfied, and the fuel injector in the air circuit system should meet the required oil quantity.
4. Check whether the motor, electrical appliances are overheated, abnormal noise, external instructions are normal, the signal system is lost.
5. Often check, adjust the cylinder, butterfly valve and solenoid valve, so that opening and closing to meet the requirements.
6. Regularly inspect the system, such as dust leakage, air leakage, oil leakage and leakage, and promptly dispose of it.
7. The mixer and hopper should be cleaned once every four hours to avoid the consolidation of residual concrete and prevent normal operation.
8. Each stage should release internal water, such as air compressors, storage tanks and filters, to eliminate operational defects.
9. Butterfly valve, mixer, solenoid valve, air filter and oil mist, etc., in accordance with the instructions for protection and maintenance.
Second, the total supply system protection and maintenance
1. Every class should check before the belt conveyor is empty, the finishing parts such as debris and mud, screw fastening, adjusting the deviation of the belt, rolling rolling parts should be sensitive. The
2. The electric drum is regularly changed according to the instructions. The
3, after six months of use, check and make up for rolling parts, bearings, grease, etc., next year for full oil change.
4, the washing machine often check, adjust the scraping skin, close to the direction of the belt, to ensure that the material is normal.
Third, the measurement system protection and maintenance
1. Each class should check and adjust the weighing bucket of each soft interface, insist on the looseness of the length, and ensure the accuracy of measurement.
2. After the winter shutdown, the water supply system and the admixture supply all the water. The
3. If the mixing pump is disabled for seasonal use, it is necessary to recoil the brush so as not to precipitate the piping and pump additives, stick or without solvent.
Fourth, mixing system protection and maintenance
See the \”Mixer Protection and Maintenance\” series of double shaft mixer maintenance manual, please pay special attention to the following keys, but:
1. See if the shaft end seal cavity, distributor inlet and outlet pipes, and seal pipe are unblocked in each shift, and whether they are filled with smooth grease, and whether each smooth point and gearbox meets the smooth oil (fat).
2. After exhausting the grease of the electric oil pump storage tank every time, it shall be closed and used up, and shall be full in time, and no oil-free operation is allowed.

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