Difference between concrete mixing plant and mixing floor

Concrete mixing plant and concrete mixing floor are used to produce concrete, although the name of the two devices only one word difference, many people think that they are not much difference, at most only a big one small, a high one short However, in fact, their equipment composition, mode of production, and production capacity are all quite different.

1.The production process is different

The object was stirred station consolidator concrete production processes and their devices into one simplified while working on the system overall control of the equipment to make operation easier; aggregate mixing floor metering process cut four links, thereby reducing the measurement time which body is fully enclosed, the capacity of the storage bin generally for more than 20 minutes of continuous production, agitating the floor Cargo aggregate powder and more diverse, can be tailored.

2.Aggregate delivery process is different

It was stirred in the floor above the aggregate silo, aggregate metered directly into the mixer; mixing station of the aggregate silo below, the aggregate for an oblique metering belt (also part of the hoisting machine used) into the mixer after transport. Shallow point, that is, an aggregate upgrade is called the floor, the second upgrade is called the station. The stirring aggregate silo floor above, and therefore will be relatively large steel structure, the inclined belt will be relatively longer. But in terms of productivity, productivity to be higher than mixing plant mixing station about one-fifth. Because the inclined belt mixing station frequently initiated in operation, energy consumption and the failure rate will increase, while mixing plant energy consumption and the failure rate is relatively lower.

3.Different production capacity

Mixing station production capacity is small; Mixing building volume, high production efficiency. The same type of case, mixing plant production efficiency than the mixing floor production efficiency about one-third.

4.Equipment composition is different

Concrete mixing plant is mainly composed of 5 main systems, such as mixing mainframe, material weighing system, material transportation system, material storage system and control system as well as other ancillary facilities. Aggregate Concrete Mixing aggregate concrete mixing station measurement and metering reduced compared to the middle four links and is vertically metering, metering time saving, thus greatly improving productivity.

In life, we are more common concrete mixing plant, but in fact large concrete mixing plant and mixing floor  are high production capacity of concrete equipment, have their advantages, according to their actual needs, choose your own equipment can.

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