How Do You Classify A Concrete Mixer? What’s the Difference?

A concrete example of a mixing device, a feeding and discharging mechanism, a water supply system, a prime mover, a transmission mechanism, a frame, and a support device. What are the features ?
According to the mixing method, the mixer is divided into two kinds: self – falling type and forced type mixer.
So, what’s the difference between a self and a forced mixer?
1.The mixing method is different
the self falling concrete mixer achieve the purpose of mixing by a free fall type mixing in the drum. In the drum of the forced mixer, there are several groups of blades that rotate around the vertical shaft or horizontal shaft. until the mixing is even, and the forced concrete mixer is more efficient than the self falling concrete mixer.

2.Different scopes of application

The self falling concrete mixer is suitable for the general construction site, road, bridge engineering and medium-sized concrete plant. We can dig a pit so that the hopper mouth is flush with the ground. It is more convenient to feed material and reduced labor intensity. The forced concrete mixer is applied to various small and medium-sized prefabricated plants, industrial and civil construction projects, which is a high efficiency models.

3. Different structure and mixing quality

The self falling concrete mixer has a simple structure so that it is more convenient to maintain and repair it. The forced concrete mixer has a more complex structure, but its mixing effect is better than the self falling mixer. In general, we are required to produce high strength and high performance concrete by forced concrete mixer.

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