How to deal with concrete mixing plant pollution?

1.Dust removal device: Dust is one of the important pollutants in the process of concrete mixing station production, also contributed to the current fog haze weather is an important reason. In order to reduce the dust pollution, we generally need to equip the top of the cement bin with a dust collector.

2. Silencer device: Noise pollution is also an important source of concrete mixing station. In order to reduce the noise when the aggregate is added, the mixing station is generally lined with a wear-resistant rubber plate on the hopper and the trough, and adopts a double-layer structure or a sound-absorbing material on the outer wall of the mixing tower.

3.Wastewater Treatment and Aggregate Recovery Device: Concrete mixing plants are generally equipped with wastewater treatment and aggregate recovery devices to solve the problems of cleaning and drainage of concrete mixing vehicles. Concrete mixing plant waste water treatment and aggregate recycling devices are available in a variety of ways, the more commonly used is the configuration of wet mixing recovery system, the specific circumstances need to be combined with the production site to choose the layout of the situation.

Concrete mixing plant pollution problems must be paid attention to, concrete mixing plant in the production process, it is imperative to proceed from the above three aspects, in order to be able to reasonably effectively control noise pollution problems such as dust, and better ensure the concrete mixing plant production and development.

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