How to safely operate concrete mixing plant?

Concrete mixing station how safe operation? The first, should be in the concrete mixing plant manufacturers under the guidance of technical personnel equipment, and technical indicators in the equipment after passing the test, strictly in accordance with the equipment manual operation of concrete mixing station.
 Before the Operation
1. the mixing station should be prepared according to the technical functions of qualified sand, stone, aggregate;
2. view the mixing bucket drive, sports sites, warehouse doors, Doumen and track any foreign body stuck;
3.check the smooth fuel tank oil surface height is in line with the provisions; the valve exhaust gas water separator water, open the air reservoir sewage plug to release oil and water mixture; enhance the bucket rope device is correct, improve bucket brake active and useful;
6. the ministries bolts have been fastened, all into, discharge valve without overrun wear and tear, conveyor belt tension moderate moderate deviation;
7.weighing equipment is normal, its accuracy in line with the provisions;
8. electrical equipment can be useful to control the equipment of the work.

The Operation work, the storage area and under the promotion bucket, non-personnel to enter; prohibited limbs into the hopper and mixing bucket probe;
2.when the dragline is blocked by obstacles, shall not be forcibly pulled, may not use the dragline lifting heavy objects, in the process of pulling material shall not be reversed operation;
3.when the mixer fully loaded operation can not be shut down, when the attack or power outage, it should immediately cut off the power, lock the switch box, the mixing bucket of concrete shovel clean, and then troubleshooting may wait for the call;
4.shall not overload the operation, should check the working condition of the motor, when the onset of abnormal sound or temperature rise, should immediately shut down to see;

After the Operation
1. before shutting down, you should uninstall and then shut down the switches and pipes of each department in order, and all the cement in the spiral pipe should be shipped out without any residual materials in the pipe;
2.after shutdown, all parts of the equipment should be cleaned, and ensure weighing accuracy;
3.freezing season, should also be drained to the pump, the additive pump, water tank and the additive tank, and should start the pump and the additive pump work within 1-2 minutes.

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