C Series Jaw Crusher

1.  Design and Manufacturing Process: The C-Series Jaw Crusher uses the most advanced and validated four-bar linkage mechanical design theory. For example, the bidirectional angle of the crushing cavity, the short angle of the elbow, and the reduction of the transmission angle and the eccentricity improve the product performance and use reliability. China’s domestic PE series smashing machine manufacturers use advanced design theory for a variety of reasons. Their mainstream products are almost all products shaped before the 1970s. They use wear-resistant materials and important accessories (such as bearings, jaws, and eccentrics). Shaft and other materials) and other domestic basic parts, the service life is lower than the international advanced level of similar products. In addition, the processing and assembly processes of manufacturing plants have also changed little over the years, such as the machining and assembly processes of bearing holes and bearing seats, and the machining and assembly of tooth plates and jaws, racks, and so on. The C series jaw crusher uses a modular design with a structural frame. The two sides of the jaw crusher connect the cast rigs together with the pins. The motor is mounted on the frame to reduce the installation space; the mechanical adjustment and adjustment of gears for adjusting the discharge port device is convenient; the special bearing seat structure simplifies the manufacturing process.
2.  Feed inlet: The feed inlet width of PE series is based on the distance between the fixed tooth plate tooth tip (bottom tooth) and the movable tooth plate tooth bottom (tip), while the C series feed port width is fixed The distance between the tooth plate and the movable tooth plate is the calculation standard. In fact, the feed inlet width of the PE series is 50 to 80 mm.
3.  discharge port: C series discharge port adjustment range: 60 ~ 200 mm, much larger than the PE range of adjustment, under certain conditions, a C series smashing machine can replace two PE series Break the machine. For example, the C100 compound pendulum jaw crusher has a processing capacity of 265t/h when the discharge port is set to 125mm, and the corresponding domestic PE750X1060 type product has the processing capacity of 195t/h, which is about 25% lower. Therefore, in the gravel field production line with a scale of 250-300 t/h, the use of the C100 type as a primary crushing equipment can meet the requirements for use, and the PE750X1060 type is difficult to use.
4.  Production capacity: Under the same power and other conditions, the C series smashing machine will increase the production volume of the PE series by 25 to 50%, saving more than 30% of electricity.


  1. Modular, no-welding frame structure
  2. Motive jaw wear well
  3. The whole cast steel bearing housing
  4. Crusher frame of repairable
  5. Efficient kinematics performance and strong power
  6. Provide appropriate jaw board for the specific application

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