Heavy hammer crusher

Product introduction:
We have been designing and manufacturing the history of heavy hammer crusher for many years. The heavy hammer crusher has the characteristics of advanced product structure, reliable performance, stable work and low energy consumption. The weight of heavy hammer can be broken directly to less than 25mm of the granularity 600-1200mm material at one time. It is suitable for all kinds of medium hardness and brittle materials such as limestone, coal, shale, gypsum, alum, brick and coal gangue, such as limestone, coal, shale, plaster, and so on.
Performance characteristics:
1, the feeding granularity is large, the discharging granularity is small, and the three grade is broken into first grade crushing, so that a low cost operation with a broken top and two cracks has been thoroughly realized. It can reduce the cost of 35%, low energy consumption, low investment and high output.
2. The grain size is uniform and the powder yield is less.
3. The hammer breaks in the mechanical principle of the ordinary hammer crusher, the counterattack crusher and the vertical hammer crusher. After the optimized design, the latest generation of broken machinery products have been developed, which has changed the method of controlling the size of the particles with the grate strip, reducing the wear of the hammer head in the crushing cavity and improving the life of the hammer by 4-6. Double. Achieved a major breakthrough in crushing technology, and really achieved twice the result with half the effort.
4. The wear-resistant parts are of excellent material selection and adopt chrome alloy hammers, which are durable.
5. It can be broken wet material, that is to say, water can be added to the broken materials to reduce dust pollution and protect workers’ health and environment.
6, machine type selection, crushing capacity from 50-2500t/h to meet the needs of different customers.
Working principle:
The hammer crusher is made up of casing, rotor, counterattack plate, hammerhead, bracket, chamber lining board and so on.
The motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed in the crushing chamber. The material is fed to the machine from the upper feeding port, and is crushed by the impact, impact, shear and grinding effect of the high-speed rotating hammer. In the lower part of the rotor, the grate plate, the grate size smaller than the grate hole size is removed through the grate plate, and the coarse grain size larger than the grate hole size is hinders on the grate plate to continue to receive the hammer head and grate, and finally the body is discharged through the grate plate.
technical parameter:

Standard plastic hammer crushing

Note: Technical parameters are subject to change without notice. The weight and dimensions of the equipment are subject to the actual product.

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