ZSF Impact Crusher

Product introduction: ZSF European impact crusher (referred to as the European version of the counterattack broken) is a high-performance crusher introduced by Zhengsheng Heavy Industry and absorbed by German technology. It is an innovation in the crushing field! The maximum particle size of the feed can reach 1000mm, and the large crushing ratio completely solves the current domestic defects such as small feed back and low productivity.
Features: 1, the use of hydraulic adjustment device, automatic adjustment of the gap between the counter-attack and the plate hammer, can be freely converted between one or two broken, both to ensure grain shape and increase production, effectively reduce labor intensity;
2. Adopt heavy-duty rotor design to make it have more rotating inertia, use crescent-shaped plate hammer, change the impact angle, increase the effective impact area, and the service life is longer;
3, choose a larger bearing size, higher bearing capacity;
4. The bearing seat adopts integral cast steel structure to ensure perfect coordination with the crushing frame, increasing the radial force of the bearing seat, and having good dustproof and waterproof effect;
5. The hydraulic cover-opening device and maintenance lifting device can quickly complete the replacement of vulnerable parts such as hammers, reduce downtime and repair time, and repair costs of Jiangdu.
6, the overall use of wave-style counter striker design, with a stronger impact resistance and wear resistance, crushing efficiency is higher;
7, with two-cavity and three-cavity models, to meet customer needs for different operating conditions.
Working principle: ZSF series European impact crusher is a crushing machine that uses crushing skills to crush materials. European version of the counter-breaking work, driven by the motor, the high-speed rotation of the rotor, the material into the hammer area, with the rotor on the plate hammer impact crushing, and then was thrown on the counterattack device again broken, and then from the counterattack liner The board bounces back to the action of the hammer to re-break, this process is repeated, the material from big to small into one, two, three, counterattack cavity repeated crushing, until the material is broken to the required size, discharged from the discharge port. Adjusting the gap between the counter-attack and the rotor can achieve the purpose of changing the material’s particle size and material shape.



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