The Main Characteristics of HZS120 Concrete Mixing Plant

HZS120 mixing station is mainly composed of a stirring machine, weighing, material handling, material storage, electric control system etc. It has a high working efficiency and good mixing performance.Specifically, HZS120 mixing station has five characteristics.

  1. It is equipped with JS2000 concrete mixer that is designed and produced by our own factory. The dry, semi dry, plastic and various proportions of concretecould be mixed well in the ideal time. The system is safe and reliable and easy to maintain.
  2. Using the structure of module combination.It’s convenient to be installed, dismantled and transported. Each layer of the packaging side can be opened, which is convenient for maintenance and replacement of parts.
  3. Little dust pollutionand good environmental protection performance. The whole process is carried out in a closed state, including all material feeding, feed ingredients, metering, mixing and discharge concrete. Using a high quality dust remover throughout the whole process in order to reduce the dust and protect the environment.
  4. Metering precision. Using PLD3200aggregate batching machine ingredientsto make sure the accurate measurement; cement, water, liquid additive ingredients are weighed by electronic balance.
  5. Water supply system adopts pressurized water pump principle to realize flow velocity, spray evenly.

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