What is the price of JS500 concrete mixer?

JS500 concrete mixer consists of mixing drum, feeding device, water supply mechanism, unloading device and a series of components, high work efficiency and good stirring performance. It is a small investment, high profit, high efficiency hybrid equipment. But the market price gap is very big.
First, the configuration is different, the price is the same: the price of concrete mixer ranging from tens of thousands, the key is configuration. For example, legs 1.5 meters high, 2 meters, 2.7 meters, 3.8 meters. Discharging methods are also divided into two types of manual and hydraulic. These configurations are different, JS500 concrete mixer prices are different.
So, the price of different manufacturers is not the same: different manufacturers have different production processes, spare parts, brand and quality of choice is not the same. Users can choose some powerful, experienced large manufacturers to buy 500 mixers. Large manufacturers will provide cost-effective configuration programs based on your project. It will list the detailed price list and you are welcome to visit its factory.
Price is always our concern, no matter what kind of product, but the price is determined by the value of the product. Camelway JS5000 concrete mixers not only work independently but also form simple concrete mixing stations with PLD series dispensers.

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